The emerging model of the night markets

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New models of consuming and socializing A growing number of people prefers spending free time at the so called “night markets” instead of going to the traditional restaurants. Especially, this innovative format is prevalent in Asia where everyone can find cheap and excellent food like tyrofoam bowl brimming with peach-coloured laksa, prawns curling round noodles slithering […]

Working together for a better tomorrow

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Competencies create opportunities Nowadays, the generation of Millennials has the opportunity to develop and exploit valuable skills that are essential for surviving in such an automated, fast-changing and innovative world. According to the World Economic Forum, the essential competencies in 2020 are going to be, for instance, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Will the human resources […]

Privacy concerns in the digital era

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The current technological revolution has already started to create personal and business opportunities. For instance, the digitalization reduces geographic constraints so that the sharing economy is encouraged. In addition, the huge amount of information – the so called big data – is now available; thus, the business offering is better customized. Though, the same innovative revolution “come at […]

The future of cars is the electrification

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The automotive industry to face pollution with electrification During these years diverse emerging factors such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and autonomous cars are influencing the automotive sector as well as the external environment in terms of reduction of pollution and related benefits. But the question is: are people prepared for this disruptive transformation? And then, how many customers […]

Economia ed energia per il rilancio del Mediterraneo

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Trasformazioni politiche, economiche e finanziarie nel Mediterraneo Nel corso dell’ultimo biennio, il bacino del Mediterraneo è stato attraversato da importanti mutamenti politici ed economico-finanziari che hanno conferito ad alcuni Paesi della sponda Sud nuovi e imprevedibili assetti. La cosiddetta “Primavera Araba” ha dato avvio a un processo più o meno rapido del quadro politico istituzionale […]

Joseph Stiglitz and climate change

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9 Ways To Prove Joe Stiglitz Is Right About Climate Change Hurting The Economy Economist Joseph Stiglitz recently announced that he believes climate change is the most important issue facing the U.S. economy today. Certainly, climate change is serious global issue, but how exactly will it affect the U.S. economy? What follows are some statistics on climate […]