Working together for a better tomorrow

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Competencies create opportunities Nowadays, the generation of Millennials has the opportunity to develop and exploit valuable skills that are essential for surviving in such an automated, fast-changing and innovative world. According to the World Economic Forum, the essential competencies in 2020 are going to be, for instance, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Will the human resources […]

Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think

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Professor Mukti Khaire’s challenge to management students is lofty, even by Harvard MBA standards. Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think. Change culture. In her new elective course, Creative High-Impact Ventures: Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World, Khaire looks at ways managers can team with creative talent in six “culture industries”: Fashion, publishing, […]

Gli studenti connessi hanno più successo all’università

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Il successo accademico è scritto nella propria attività digitale  Lo dimostra uno studio dell’università Ben-Gurion di Be’er Sheva, in Israele. Il team coordinato dal ricercatore Michael Fire, che lavora proprio sulle dinamiche sociali della Rete, ha sviluppato un nuovo metodo per capire in anticipo se gli studenti coroneranno il proprio percorso accademico con successo o […]