Such a human-robot!

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Even the scientists were impressed by the similarity between the robot called Sophia,produced by the company Hanson Robotics headquartered in Hong Kong, and the humans. The extraordinary Artificial Intelligence was presented last September during the Lisbon Web Summit when this technology showed to have more than 60 facial expressions and to remember even episodes of the […]

Employees’ involvement in the digital age

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How Digital transformation impacts on engagement in the workplace The digital transformation is changing the way in which people communicate and participate to the decisions in the workplace. According to Sandy M. Nessing, Managing Director, Corporate Sustainability at American Electric Power (AEP) “Communication is essential to employee engagement. We are all plugged in and on our […]

It’s always a matter of strategy

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Challenges for your business value to be increased Even when you decide to disinvest, it’s important to evaluate which type of buyer will acquire your assets. Especially, you could find two kinds of buyers; the financial one is more focused on profits and future returns of the investment, while the strategic one considers “your business based on what it […]

The importance of investing on coffee for aficionados

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Acquiring a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee Company means for Nestlé capturing younger customers who have a premium profile and who are interested in higher-quality and higher-priced coffee. Thanks to the deal, the ambition of Nestlé is to strengthen its position in the US coffee market – the biggest one – and to expand […]

Which startup will win? A software can reveal it!

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How Artificial Intelligence influences global economy In 2009, according to the software created by Quid AI’s CEO Bob Goodson startups like Evernote, Spotify, Palantir, Cloudera and Ibibo would be successful in few years and … incredibly, it really happened. The growing path of the Artificial Intelligence is influencing the global economy and it is transforming […]

Privacy concerns in the digital era

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The current technological revolution has already started to create personal and business opportunities. For instance, the digitalization reduces geographic constraints so that the sharing economy is encouraged. In addition, the huge amount of information – the so called big data – is now available; thus, the business offering is better customized. Though, the same innovative revolution “come at […]

The future of cars is the electrification

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The automotive industry to face pollution with electrification During these years diverse emerging factors such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and autonomous cars are influencing the automotive sector as well as the external environment in terms of reduction of pollution and related benefits. But the question is: are people prepared for this disruptive transformation? And then, how many customers […]

Economia e gestione delle Imprese: Viral marketing per rivitalizzare il brand

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Quali strumenti possono essere utilizzati nel viral marketing per lanciare un prodotto e/o rivitalizzare un brand? Quali esempi di campagne di marketing virale usate in passato vi vengono in mente? L ‘Harlem shake non è solo il meme nato sulla canzone di Baauer che ha mandato in pensione il Gangnam Style. Per qualcuno infatti il tormentone è anche un modo per provare […]

La strategia di dismissioni di Eni

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Eni sta pianificando una strategia di dismissioni – comprese quelle di Galp e Snam – pari ad oltre 10 miliardi e un riequilibrio del portafoglio di E&P. Quali cambiamenti potrebbero determinare le dismissioni a livello organizzativo?  Eni ha in programma investimenti pari a 56,8 miliardi per il periodo 2013-16 con un incremento a parità di cambio euro-dollaro […]