Such a human-robot!

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Even the scientists were impressed by the similarity between the robot called Sophia,produced by the company Hanson Robotics headquartered in Hong Kong, and the humans. The extraordinary Artificial Intelligence was presented last September during the Lisbon Web Summit when this technology showed to have more than 60 facial expressions and to remember even episodes of the […]

The E-commerce flies

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“E-commerce has been expanding at an average rate of 20% a year as bricks-and-mortar shops have languished”, according to The Economist. The growth of online activities is extremely fast and it is proved by the success achieved by e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba that offer innovative products and services. The competition is strong, as well: […]

Employees’ involvement in the digital age

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How Digital transformation impacts on engagement in the workplace The digital transformation is changing the way in which people communicate and participate to the decisions in the workplace. According to Sandy M. Nessing, Managing Director, Corporate Sustainability at American Electric Power (AEP) “Communication is essential to employee engagement. We are all plugged in and on our […]

Which startup will win? A software can reveal it!

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How Artificial Intelligence influences global economy In 2009, according to the software created by Quid AI’s CEO Bob Goodson startups like Evernote, Spotify, Palantir, Cloudera and Ibibo would be successful in few years and … incredibly, it really happened. The growing path of the Artificial Intelligence is influencing the global economy and it is transforming […]

Privacy concerns in the digital era

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The current technological revolution has already started to create personal and business opportunities. For instance, the digitalization reduces geographic constraints so that the sharing economy is encouraged. In addition, the huge amount of information – the so called big data – is now available; thus, the business offering is better customized. Though, the same innovative revolution “come at […]

The spatial diffusion of technology

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Diffusion of thecnolgy and per capita income Technology disparities are critical for explaining cross-country differences in per capita income. Despite being non-rival in nature and involving no direct transport costs, technology diffuses slowly both across and within countries. Even when a technology has arrived in a country, it takes years and even decades before it has […]

Gli studenti connessi hanno più successo all’università

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Il successo accademico è scritto nella propria attività digitale  Lo dimostra uno studio dell’università Ben-Gurion di Be’er Sheva, in Israele. Il team coordinato dal ricercatore Michael Fire, che lavora proprio sulle dinamiche sociali della Rete, ha sviluppato un nuovo metodo per capire in anticipo se gli studenti coroneranno il proprio percorso accademico con successo o […]