The spatial diffusion of technology

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Diffusion of thecnolgy and per capita income Technology disparities are critical for explaining cross-country differences in per capita income. Despite being non-rival in nature and involving no direct transport costs, technology diffuses slowly both across and within countries. Even when a technology has arrived in a country, it takes years and even decades before it has […]

Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think

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Professor Mukti Khaire’s challenge to management students is lofty, even by Harvard MBA standards. Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think. Change culture. In her new elective course, Creative High-Impact Ventures: Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World, Khaire looks at ways managers can team with creative talent in six “culture industries”: Fashion, publishing, […]

Joseph Stiglitz and climate change

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9 Ways To Prove Joe Stiglitz Is Right About Climate Change Hurting The Economy Economist Joseph Stiglitz recently announced that he believes climate change is the most important issue facing the U.S. economy today. Certainly, climate change is serious global issue, but how exactly will it affect the U.S. economy? What follows are some statistics on climate […]