Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think

Professor Mukti Khaire’s challenge to management students is lofty, even by Harvard MBA standards. Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think. Change culture.


In her new elective course, Creative High-Impact Ventures: Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World, Khaire looks at ways managers can team with creative talent in six “culture industries”: Fashion, publishing, art/architecture/design, film, music, and food. Her subjects include fashion pioneer Chanel, publishers Penguin and Atavist, film icons Variety and the Sundance Institute, Indian art auction house Saffronart, and food businesses Whole Foods and the James Beard Foundation.

Read more at Culture Changers: Managing High-Impact Entrepreneurs


316 pensieri su “Don’t just change the way people live, change the way they think

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